What our clients say

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help with my two sons and step son, for years my wife and I had been concerned something was not right with the boys but simply didn’t know where to start, we had been to the doctors a number of times, CAMHS (twice) to be told they were not ADHD and generally around in circles, one phone call to you and I started to feel the reassurance that you could really help and during the call you said you could, you lived up to your promise and we thank you for that.

You have gone that extra mile to help us all, you took the time to meet with them all individually ( ages 15, 18 and 32!) and they all felt elated after having met you and reassured that there was an explanation for the way they felt, the explanation you gave them of their condition and the associated traits along with the reassurance that they can be helped, proved the catalyst for us as a family to move forward. Now with a clinical diagnosis of ADHD they are all on the road to getting the help they need including medication, support at school for the youngest and at work for the two eldest.

For people that don’t do this every day and are very worried about their family the path forward can be a confusing one but you explained where to go in respect to getting a formal diagnosis, putting us in touch with the medical professionals that could help and provided on going support as and when it was needed, face to face, by text or email you were always there, we never once got the impression we were a nuisance and the information you gave was always helpful and accurate.

I would recommend anyone with concerns about their child’s mental health to contact you without hesitation, even if you have been thwarted or told nothing is wrong numerous times before, as a parent you know your kids better than anyone and you know if there is a problem, it is too important not trust your instincts on.
Finally we all get up and go work but few of us are in a role that can really make a difference to another person’s life, what you do does and in our case it has, you are passionate about your clients and it really doesn’t seem like a job to you, you seem to take it as a personal mission to help these kids out as you have with us and for that I really can’t thank you enough.

Rob M

Having been diagnosed with Bi Polar and ADHD only 18 months ago at the age of 60 I was surprised to find that an ADHD specific counsellor within the NHS just didn’t exist.

For 42 years I had been incorrectly treated for moderate to severe depression with SSRis and has every type of therapy on offer including CBT. I didnt gain any real benefit from any of them.

I came across Headstuff Therapy. After one phone call to Sarah I knew I had found what I was looking for. From the off I found Sarah to be very friendly and easy to understand – she doesnt use jargon or try to blind you with science.

She spoke to me about ‘Access to Work’. I had never heard of it and was amazed to find that I could most likely get financial help to support the administration difficulties I face at work. Sarah took care of everything and low and behold I got the help I needed. I would never have been awarded so much help without Sarah to guide me.

Within my sessions with Sarah I found great comfort and more understanding about my condition. All the difficulties I faced as an adolessent and adult made sense. I also realised why CBT didnt work for me. Its because my brain wont do it!  I wasted so much time with therapists who didnt pick up on my ADHD therefore couldnt understand why I didnt do the excercises they gave me. On the rare occations I did present them with the homework they’d set me – it was because I made it up. It made me feel stupid and desolate.

Sarah knows I cant do this type of thing and why, she makes me feel hopeful for my future and I love the way she works – its just what us ADHD crazy brain people need.

I was trying to explain to my husband what she actually does for me.  I said “it’s difficult to explain it’s talking therapy with someone who doesn’t judge, is confidential and understands what it’s like to be me”.

All the talking in the world to my husband of 45 years will never get him to understand, he says he does, but Sarah and me know that he can’t. After all I barely understand myself sometimes. In summary – Sarah has changed my life in more ways than one. I dont feel so alone with my thoughts anymore and the Access to Work help has made my life less stressfull.

Female, 62, Yorkshire

Sarah you’ve been such a brilliant help with my son. As you know when I first brought him to you he was self harming and feeling very depressed and bad about himself. He was recently diagnosed ADHD, 12, at a new school and floundering. We were worried sick.

However six weeks of seeing you and the brilliant news is that he feeling good about things again. He definitely seems happier in himself and school have said the same.
Than you for all your help with him. I think having someone to talk to that understands his ADHD and really knows how it feels has been a massive help and that you have been able to explain all about his ADHD to him. He said he feels better knowing his ADHD is the reason why he does a lot of things or feels a certain way about situations.
Thank you again and we will definitely contact you if he or I feel he needs to see you again.

Mum of 12 yr old boy, Buckinghamshire

I have found my sessions with Sarah Bryan very valuable. The first time we met I felt immediately at ease and able to talk freely. I felt understood and Sarah’s comments seemed to ‘hit the nail on the head’ and also bring a fresh perspective, whether the issue was a practical one (as I have ADHD, practical problems can be overwhelming emotionally, especially with the knowledge of past failures) or an emotional one (eg family problems) Sarah helped me to feel less overwhelmed and able to choose what to tackle first.
People talk about ‘me time’ usually in the context of hobbies or pampering oneself. I felt my sessions with Sarah were ‘me time’ in the sense of addressing my needs amid the clamour of very complex family needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah Bryan to anyone!

Female, 46, Bucks

I’ve had quite a few sessions with Sarah now and after so many disappointing and unfulfilling experiences with other counsellors I have to say it was worth the time and money with Sarah.

Mainly because she understands ADHD and spectrums on a personal level and also she isn’t clinical and unengaging which is often a problem with other counsellors. Sarah will talk back and advise and hand over valuable experience which leaves you elevated and not flat and dejected. Couldn’t recommend more.

Male, ADHD 35, Midlands

We were lucky enough to find Sarah shortly after our son was diagnosed with ADHD, a condition which was having a very serious impact on his life and prospects.
Having been through the gamut of NHS therapists and CBT counsellors, none of whom were of any real help at all, Sarah’s expertise in this area has been a revelation to us and an enormous support to our son.

Sarah’s has an in-depth knowledge of ADHD and great empathy with those who suffer from it.  Her advice is always practical, unpretentious and down-to-earth, and has helped our son to cope with his volatile emotions much better than before.
We would highly recommend Sarah to any parent with a child suffering from this condition.

Mum & Dad of Male 18, Buckinghamshire

Discovering I might be ADHD initially came as a bit of a surprise, but by working with Sarah and building more knowledge of it, it has helped me to  understand myself more. By spending time with Sarah to educate myself on ADHD, I’ve started to make sense of my own behaviours and this has allowed me to have a more positive outlook about the future.

Male, 36, High Wycombe

Sarah is the consummate professional. She is attentive and supportive, nothing is too much trouble. Her commitment is impressive. Sarah was able to engage my son where many others had failed. He is now on the road to self discovery.

Mum of ADHD Son 21, Maidenhead

I had absolutely no idea the Department for work and pensions offered any of any sort of funding support for people like me with a diagnosis of ADHD. But once they’d got my diagnosis sorted, the team at Headstuff helped me apply. Paperwork and forms and even getting back to emails is not my speciality so they took the whole thing over for me. Within just a few months I was awarded funding which has literally transformed my life. 

If you are terrified like me of the whole process, you can put yourself in the hands of the Headstuff team. They genuinely have your best interests at heart and I can’t fault the service.

Professional sportsman, 43, Surrey

When I met Sarah 3 years ago, I wasn’t really looking for counselling. I thought I was handling my life ok. Looking back now I am so glad I took the opportunity to have that trial 1-2-1 session with Sarah as from that day forward my life has taken a complete 360 degree turn.
I was a 42 year old female in & out of trouble with the law, abusive relationships, dealing with alcohol issues & living in a damp wet mobile home on benefits My life was far from ok !! To be honest I was barely hanging on, I couldn’t care less if I lived or died. It was that bleak.
Over the past 3 years Sarah with her compassion ,kindness , dedication & professionalism slowly helped give me the courage to take back my life from the grips of fear, pain and paralysis. With her dedication faith and compassion she has transformed that ugly duckling into a swan, the caterpillar back into the butterfly And gave me belief in myself.
I have a little way to go but I am now learning to love myself again. I now believe I deserve to live the happy, joyfull loving life I hear about and that I am now beginning to experience
Thanks to Sarah I am now living in a lovely apartment a stone throws away frm the beach, I’m driving my adorable little sports car and dating a wonderful caring loving guy.
I still have a way to go but I am looking forward to the many experiences life has ahead of me and all I can say is thankyou Sarah I owe you my life ! You are an inspiration and a wonderful friend. I’m so glad you are in my life and hope you will be for a long time to come  xxx

Female, 44. Dorset

What can I say. I was at rock bottom in life. No exaggeration. I was struggling to get over a long term relationship and I’d just turned 40 with nothing to my name. Literally nothing. I could have packed my life into the boot of a car. I was back living with my parents and I was stuck in a dead end, soul destroying minimum wage job. I was broken and I really couldn’t see a way out.

Ten weeks after my first meeting with Sarah I was flying out to Sark for three months to work and be trained up by an award winning chef and one of the finest in the Channel Islands!

I was desperate to break into the food and catering business and Sarah took the skills I had and gave me the confidence and knowledge to fight for something I’d never thought attainable. With her unbreakable will and spirit she proved to me that all setbacks are merely springboard to greater things and all problems are merely hurdles to be smashed thorough. Her positivity attitude is genuinely infectious and she imbued me with a sense of supreme confidence. With her knowledge, advice and constant unwavering support I was actually in a position where I had four good job offers on the table and a real choice of direction.

Greg, 40, West Midlands