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Headstuff ADHD Therapy’s HQ is in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. But members of our ADHD Therapy team are based all around the UK. All our ADHD Counsellors and Coaches work by video link, telephone and face-to-face.

Ways to make contact



ADHD Counselling  –  From £75 ph
ADHD Coaching  –  From £65 ph
Addiction Therapy  –  From £75 ph
Couples Counselling  –  From £85 ph
Family Mediation  –  £200 2 hrs
Parenting Therapy  –  £100 ph
Access To Work Support  –  £60 ph
Mum Mentors  –  £50 ph


Counselling with Young Person Trained ADHD Therapist  –  From £75ph

Coaching with Young Person Trained ADHD Coach  –   From  £75ph

Sessions may be shorter, depending on age of Client. Fees reduced accordingly.


Pre-Assessment for ADHD & Comorbidities
A two-hour appointment with your child and 2 adults who know them well. Full report of ADHD traits and any comorbidities. Referral letter to GP, CAMHS and school  –  £495

Pre-Assessment for ADHD & Comorbidities
As above but including two Diagnostic appointments with Private ADHD Specialist Paediatrician 


ADHD & Comorbidity Pre-Assessment  2hrs  £295
Discover with a trained ADHD Therapist if you have enough traits to warrant further investigation

ADHD & Comorbidity Pre-Assessment with written Report & GP Referral (if you wish to use NHS)    £495

ADHD Assessment, Diagnosis & Prescription with ADHD Psychiatrist (If you wish to be seen privately)    £595

ADHD & Comorbidity Pre-Assessment, written Report, Referral to Private ADHD Psychiatrist. Full ADHD Assessment with Psychiatrist, Diagnosis & Prescription. Two separate appointments     £1095

ADHD & Neurodiversity Training

Our ADHD Training Team will be happy to visit your school, workplace or any other organisation that would like to learn and understand more about ADHD. Please contact us and allow us to create a bespoke ADHD training package for you. 

Need to Postpone or Cancel?

No problem – We totally understand that life sometimes gets in the way. Just give us at least 48 hours notice that you can’t attend your appointment and we will happily reschedule at a time that suits you,
however far in the future that is.

Sadly, with less than 48 hours notice, we do still need to charge the fee as we won’t be able to book another client in with a therapist with less than 48 hours notice. Thank you.