Pre-Therapy Assessment

Book A Pre-Therapy Assessment With A Headstuff Team Therapist Or One of our Lead Therapists


We offer you the option to speak to one of the members of our Team or a Lead Therapist – if you would like to speak to somebody in advance of booking therapy.

If you’re really not sure whether you need a Counsellor or a Coach, or which Therapist will best suit your individual needs, we very much encourage you to have a Pre-Therapy Assessment.

Here you can go through absolutely everything you are concerned about in complete confidence. This might include any issues you need your Therapist to be experienced with or because you are looking for the most suitable Therapist for a child or partner.

You can choose a 30 minute or 60 minute session with with either a Team Therapist or a Lead Therapist.

At the end of that session they will let you know who is the absolute ideal Therapist for you, or possibly more than one, and they will help you choose the most suitable . The Therapist will also know who has immediate availability and who it might be worth you waiting a short while to start with if they are particularly appropriate.

Team members are Headstuff counsellors and coaches all with an in-depth knowledge of ADHD and its comorbidities.

Lead Therapists are more highly qualified coaches and counsellors all specialising in ADHD with five years + working with ADHD Clients.