Anna is an Integrative Psychotherapist and weight loss specialist with a background of working with clients with ADHD and ASD. Specialist areas include eating disorders and addiction issues. She has insider knowledge of what it’s like to be diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and plenty of experience of parenting an ADHD child as her son is also now diagnosed.

The work Anna does with addiction is based on the premise that ‘too much of anything is a poison’ so your addiction won’t necessarily to show up in drugs or alcohol – it could be an excess of anything such as exercise, shopping, sex, prescription medication, gambling, work or your phone. The list is endless and when any one, or a combination of issues, goes from being a ‘coping strategy’ to something that is causing an inability to cope, chaos in your life or problems with the criminal justice system – this is when therapy can really help you.

Anna’s passion to help ADHD clients comes from a clear understanding and personal experience of how quickly a person’s life can descend into chaos if they are not diagnosed ADHD at all, or are diagnosed later in life.

All the missed opportunities of reaching potential, being labelled as naughty or disruptive, the crippling effect this can have on your self-confidence, knowing you have the ability to do great things but not being able to turn that into a reality. The frustration of seemingly not being able to live your life as easily as other people, resulting in all too often reaching for unhealthy coping mechanisms that further compound all the problems.

Anna firmly believes that with early intervention and a wider awareness of ADHD and ASD, more screening and diagnosis could lead to so many more people reaching their true potential in life and avoid the pitfalls of addiction, work and relationship problems, homelessness and crime.

Because Anna is able to offer Integrative therapy she is able to work with each client on an individual basis to discover exactly what will work best for them. Some people feel a more direct therapy such as CBT or DBT is beneficial where as some prefer the free-flow nature of person centred therapy. For others a combination of several different therapies works well.

Anna is able to offer 1-1 tailored help for clients struggling with nutrition. Often with a diagnosis of ADHD or ASD there are issues around food. Anna is able to offer not only professional nutritional support but also psychological and practical help with food and nutrition to overcome longstanding relationship issues with food.

For lots of people with ADHD or ASD making wise food choices seems to be more difficult. The temptation to binge on hight fat and high sugar goodies seems overwhelming. For many people this leaves them feeling like they have no will power and are weak willed. Anna understands the reasons for these food preferences are strongly linked to the chemical receptors in ADHD/ASD brains and so food choices do not come down to lack of will power alone.

Knowledge is key to understanding and Anna is passionate about helping clients feel a sense of empowerment to make the wisest food choices and make the changes needed to become the very best version of themselves.



  • Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner 2019
  • CPCAB Level 4 Certificate in Integrative Counselling Studies 2016
  • CPCAB Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies 2014
  • CPACB Level 2 certificate in Counselling 2013
  • CPCAB Introduction to Counselling Skills 2012
  • Child Protection training 2014
  • BACP Member
  • Enhanced DBS certificate held


Further Training

  • Somatic Trauma Therapy 2020
  • Working with Obesity 2018
  • Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors 2017
  • BACP Student Event ‘Bridging the Gap’ 2015
  • Workshops attended in Kalffian Sand play therapy, Psychotherapy and Social Justice and The Silent Anorexic.
  • Level 1 Child Protection Training 2020
  • Counselling Couples. Relate 2014
  • Counselling Young People and Teenagers 2014
  • Working with Trauma in Clients 2013